Rest During Working Hours

Regular breaks help relieve stress and increase employee efficiency at work

German psychologist Karl Kubovich recommends taking a break during the afternoon for half an hour, and two rest periods before and in the afternoon for 15 minutes each, in addition to relaxing for five minutes after each hour of work.

Kubovich recommends spending the lunch break in an activity that differs from the tasks and atmosphere of the work, for example, whoever works in a noisy work environment should enjoy thirty minutes of calm in his rest period, and whoever begins his work tasks sitting should exercise a motor activity during the lunch break.

He added that it is better for the employee to leave the workplace during the two rest periods before and in the afternoon, as thoughts usually revolve around work even during the rest period, noting that breathing the fresh air during breaks increases the ability to focus.

German psychologist Kubovich advises the employee to travel with his imagination to a place where he feels relaxed in the first two and a half minutes, and it is possible to practice some stretching exercises before returning to work.

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